Twin Cities Paranormal Society

Paranormal investigations with a critical eye and an open mind

The Twin Cities Paranormal Society is a not-for-profit organization serving the greater Twin Cities Metro area. We are dedicated to the research, investigation, documentation, and education of the public regarding paranormal phenomenon. Our objective is to investigate and research claims of alleged haunted activity. All investigations are approached with an open mind and are conducted in a professional manner.

We are an investigative group who conducts thorough and intensive research into locations with paranormal activity. We are a fact-finding, evidence-collecting, common sense using team trying to understand the paranormal through equipment and research in the sciences. Our group has varied backgrounds with a wide range of interests and experience.

If you believe your property is haunted or has unexplained activity and would like us to investigate, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to discuss with you any problems you may be having to try and understand your situation better. Because we are a not-for-profit organization, our services to you are completely free.

Our Mission Statement

The Twin Cities Paranormal Society approaches each client with respect and understanding from the initial interview to the evidence review and beyond.

We strive to find the “normal” in your experiences using up-to-date equipment and scientific methods to explain possible natural causes for these events. If we are unable to explain your experiences as natural, we look toward the paranormal for explanations.

The Twin Cities Paranormal Society prides itself on educating both our clients and the community in regard to the paranormal. It is our hope that by doing so, our clients and the public will begin to view paranormal events in a new light by taking away the aspect of fear and giving empowerment to the individual involved.

You are not alone. We are here to help.

Our Process

At the Twin Cities Paranormal Society, we realize that it is not always easy to ask strangers for help in dealing with the paranormal problems you are experiencing. We respect your right to privacy and are committed to bringing professionalism and confidentiality to every case we investigate. Our goal is to alleviate your fears and help you better understand why certain phenomena may be happening. We promise to support you through this time of uncertainty as everyone should always feel comfortable in their own surroundings.

Once we receive your request for an investigation, our Case Manager will meet with you to discuss your experiences in detail. We can also explain to you at this time the different types of hauntings and answer any questions you may have regarding our process of investigation, research of the history of land and owners, etc. We will also do a preliminary walk through of the property to make note of the layout. After this, if you are in agreement to allow us to investigate, we will work with you to set up an appointment that fits your schedule.

At such time, we will begin to investigate your property. We do our investigations at night, usually between the hours of 9 P.M. and 3 A.M. The number of members investigating a case will depend on the size of the property. In an effort to capture paranormal activity, we use recording devices such as cameras, audio recorders, and video. These are only brought to the property once the owner grants permission.

After the investigation is complete, we will start to review the evidence we collected. We will then share our findings with you and make a decision based on the evidence. Any evidence caught on your property during an investigation will never be shared or published outside of our organization without direct consent from the owner. You are always more than welcome to copies of any evidence or data collected from your property. Just because an investigation is over does not mean the case is solved. Some cases require multiple investigations. The Twin Cities Paranormal Society will always keep the lines of communication open should you continue to need help.

Because we are a not-for-profit organization, we offer our services to you for free. Donations are accepted and greatly appreciated, but not required. Any money received goes directly back into our organization to help cover the cost of batteries and other equipment expenses. If you are seriously troubled, pleasecontact the Twin Cities Paranormal Society.

If you would like to read some feedback we have received from previous clients, please click here to go to our Testimonial Page.

Spiritual Advisory Department Services

One on One:

Although we are not professional counselors, we can come and talk with you and your family using our personal experience in dealing with paranormal issues. We can share with you some of our tools in dealing with the phenomenon so that you feel more comfortable and anxiety free. We also can talk to your children and give them tools to help alleviate a lot of their fears and anxiety when paranormal activity is present. Many of us have children of our own that experience the paranormal so we empathize with their special needs. It is important to know that we at no time claim to be experts in any area. If we feel your case requires assistance beyond our scope, we will assist you in finding the necessary help if you ask, while at all times remaining respectful of your personal belief system.

Cleansings and Home Blessings:

We are available to come to your home to do Cleansings. We utilize a sacred mix of herbs and resins to smudge a location. This mixture is specifically used for cleansing and blessing a space, getting rid of negative energies and offer protection to the space and those dwelling there. We have found this method very successful in changing the energy in the home to a more peaceful and serene environment, especially in cases where there is a lot of activity and high emotions. These situations can be brought on by a residual energy due to the stress that a haunting can cause some families. We also call our Higher Power and Archangel Michael to assist in clearing out any negativity in the room. If you should require a Home Blessing we can arrange for that, keeping in mind your personal belief system.

Crossing Spirits:

We NEVER use Ouija boards, whether for investigations or during a house cleansing. We personally believe the use of such objects will only perpetuate and add to the paranormal situation at hand. Our Sensitives will try and tune into the spirit and assist them in crossing over. Please note that as in life there is Free Will. This carries on into the afterlife and there are no guarantees that the spirit will choose to cross over. If you feel you are in need of a House Blessing or space clearing, please feel free to contact our Spiritual Advisory Department