Twin Cities Paranormal Society

Paranormal investigations with a critical eye and an open mind

The Twin Cities Paranormal Society is very proud of our members. We come from different backgrounds and all walks of life. We consider every member vital to the success of our organization. That which initially began as a search for individuals interested in the paranormal grew to a group of over one hundred members. Since TCPS’ beginnings in October of 2006, our team has whittled its way down to currently just twelve members. Some of us have been here from the beginning, while a few have just begun the journey.

We have a rock solid team of individuals who are dedicated both to the scientific aspect of the paranormal field and the want to help our clients feel more comfortable in their own surroundings. Most of us are here because we are searching for answers from our own paranormal experiences and encounters. Our members each bring something unique to the table and we truly feel that only adds to our ability to work together as team. TCPS has both the skeptics and the believers and all the varying degrees in-between. We have found a way to balance these different ideas and beliefs of the paranormal and make them work for the better good of the group and our clients. 

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Twin Cities Paranormal Society

October 2016: The Twin Cities Paranormal Society celebrating their 10th year as a team at the Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre, Minnesota.

Twin Cities Paranormal Society is proud to report it was the first paranormal team to investigate the Palmer House Hotel.