Twin Cities Paranormal Society

Paranormal investigations with a critical eye and an open mind



Membership to Twin Cities Paranormal Society is currently CLOSED. Should we have membership opportunities in the future, we will display application instructions on this page. 

The Twin Cities Paranormal Society (TCPS) and its members take pride in being a professional organization. This means not only the way we present ourselves to our clients and how we conduct ourselves individually on field investigations, but in all manner of representation of TCPS. We expect our members to be competent, knowledgeable, and courteous.

When we accept new members, we are looking for people who are committed to the group, our mission, and helping others. We do not want or need those who are only seeking to be a part of the team for the thrill of an investigation. There is a LOT of hard work that goes into running this team and every member is expected to pull their own weight. Yes, we are a volunteer group as we do not get paid for our services, however, we strive to provide an outstanding and professional service to our clients and the community and that can only be done with commitment to the team by our members.

The information provided below are requirements for members and pertinent rules and safety guidelines that the Twin Cities Paranormal Society requires all of our members to follow.


All members must be 21 years of age or older and reside in the Twin Cities Metro area.

You must be willing to attend meetings.

Group meetings are essential to the team. They allow us to come together as a unit to discuss cases, review potential evidence and plan events. There will be a TCPS meeting once a month, typically the 1st Sunday of each month. Regardless if there was an investigation the night before, we will have a meeting on that Sunday. The minimum number of meetings that any member can miss per year is four. A member shall not miss two meetings in a row. If for some reason a member misses two meetings in a row, they will no longer be a member of TCPS. (Exceptions may be made and should be discussed with the Lead Investigator)


You must pay a membership fee.

Membership fees are $50/year per person and are due by January 31st of each year. (For new members the fee is due as soon as you are accepted into TCPS) If a member's fee is not received them by that date then that member will not be allowed to participate in anything TCPS related. If member fees are not paid by March 1st, then that person will no longer be a member of TCPS.


You must participate on investigations.

Every member is expected to participate on an investigation a minimum of two times in six months and four times a year. Unless cases dry up, everyone should meet this. If for some reason there are not enough cases to fill these numbers then an exception will be made.


You must utilize the TCPS Message Board.

We have always asked members to log in to the TCPS message board at least every three days. This is so members can stay on top of new cases that come in and chances to sign up for investigations or events. If a member is going on vacation or will be out of town and will not be able to log in to the boards, they will need to notify the Lead Investigator.


You must be able to provide your own transportation.

If you do not have your own transportation, you must make prior arrangements to attend our events. Investigations will be at various locations throughout the Twin Cities Metro. In some cases, carpooling will be available.


You must have your own equipment.

TCPS does have group equipment available to use during investigations, but every member is expected to eventually have their own essential pieces of equipment.


You must pass a background check.

TCPS is a TAPS team, therefore, all members are required to pass a background check. We are investigating private homes; we must make sure all members are qualified for the safety of our clients and other members. 


You must be open-minded and dedicated to helping our clients and seeking proof of the paranormal.

Each new member will undergo a probation period for a total of six months. During this time, participation on investigations, monthly meetings, and any other group events is required. Assisting in a Department within TCPS is also expected as every member is to help out within the group, not just investigate.

The Lead Investigators and Department Managers will do reviews with the investigator-in-training. At any time, should the Lead Investigators of TCPS feel any investigator-in-training is not working out for any reason during the probation period, the Lead Investigators have the right to dismiss the member from the team.

After the six month probation period is concluded, the investigator-in-training will become a full member of the Twin Cities Paranormal Society.



Members are not allowed to trespass. We will receive the proper permission (including permits, if necessary) before going on any field investigation.

Members are not allowed to go on a TCPS sanctioned investigation on-site alone.

During field investigations, members will conduct themselves in a respectful, professional, and positive manner at all times.

TCPS does not allow our members who attend on-site investigations to be under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances.

Members who smoke must do so only at designated break times during an investigation. Members are allowed to smoke in their car, but not on-site.

Members are responsible for taking notes and jotting down the time, date, weather, and other influencing factors during an investigation.

Members are responsible at all times for ensuring that the way we leave a TCPS sanctioned event is the way we found it.