Twin Cities Paranormal Society

Paranormal investigations with a critical eye and an open mind

The Twin Cities Paranormal Society is a not-for-profit organization. Our team is primarily supported by our own members with yearly membership dues and tshirt sales. We have never charged for any type of service that we offer and we never will. TCPS never solicits our clients for donations either. We feel people only should donate when they feel led to do so. Our team is not here to become rich and famous. We are a part of TCPS because we have a true, genuine interest in this field and want to help the people affected by the paranormal every day.

All donations received go directly back into the group. Donations help with the purchase of new group equipment, batteries, film development, cost of maintaining our website, and any travel expenses we incur from cases outside of the immediate Twin Cities Metro region. If you would like to donate to TCPS, please contact us at The Twin Cities Paranormal Society greatly appreciates your kindness and support. Thank You!